Simulation Stopping When Breadboard Displayed

  • Adrian Barnes
    Adrian Barnes

      I'm just getting into PIC programming, and gpsim looks like an excellent program.  I've noticed one oddity, and was wondering if this was just a limitation of the software or if I've run into a bug.  I created a small 4-bit counter test program, setup to run on a P16F84.  I can run the simulation perfectly fine.  However, when I bring up the breadboard, the simulation stops until the breadboard window is closed.  Additionally, if the breadboard window comes up at startup, the source browser window will show up but not display any code until the breadboard window is closed.  Is this normal?

    For reference, I'm using:
    - Linux Mint 12 (amd64)
    - gpsim 0.26.1
    - gputils 0.14.1
    - gtk+extra 2.1.2 (with the removal of static before gtk_entry_reset_im_context declaration & body in gtkitementry.c)

    Thanks for any assistance.