That file is not created using formal KML; it's using a Google Earth-specific extensions to KML that we can't read, so it's effectively an empty file for us.

If GPSVisualizer can read it, perhaps they can write it as OGC-standard KML which we can read.

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Il giorno 28/giu/2013, alle ore 21.11, gerlos ha scritto:

> Hello everyone!
> I'm new here. Just downloaded latest GPSBabel from the web (ver. 1.4.4), to convert a kml file to gpx.
> I want to use GPSPhotoLinker to geotag a bunch of photos, and have a kml file downloaded from my Google Maps Location History (see GPSPhotoLinker needs a gpx file, so I tried to use GPSBabel to convert my kml file to gpx, but got no success.

Forgot to say 2 things:
- I'm using GPSBabel on Mac OS X 10.6.8
- Going to and uploading the same file I got it converted fine to gpx. How do I get the same result running GPSBabel locally?


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