Hi, and welcome!

This looks pretty good!  A few minor nits.

Please use GPL2.  As this is a derived work of ours, I'm able to defend our legal position better if the license isn't diluted with multiple licenses and if I'm at least one of the owners of the code.

Instead of a verbose flag, please use global_opts.debug_level.

Don't torture yourself with struct tm; use the native Qt Date/Time/DateTime facilities.  That'll get you sub-second support, too, which it looks like you're computing and then dropping ont he floor.  You can construct a QDate(year, month, date) directly from workoutDateStart.

Since this isn't a serial device, there's no real reason to use masked_object; just read anything you can find int he file.

Please pump up the doc a little bit with a list of supported devices and clues on how to get the files from the devices and other things that users would like to know.

Thanx for taking this on.  it's not far at all from being committable.

On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 1:13 AM, Zingo Andersen <offer@zingo.org> wrote:
Here is my first attempt to add support for Energympro training watches ( http://www.energympro.com/to gpsbabel.  
As I understand this is the way to ask/supply for contribute.

The patch contains a binary file that "svn diff" didn't supply, this file is attached on the side here (energygympro.cpo) and should go to reference/track/ 

​Ill assume the patch probably needs some fixing so just let me know what to fix and Ill rework/reapply it until all parts are happy.

Thanks for your project and your time with this, take care and happy hacking. 
/ Zingo

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