On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 7:15 PM, tsteven4 <tsteven4@qwestoffice.net> wrote:
I have attached a patch to move the schema element in the kml file to a location where it is likely to be valid.  

Committed.   Thanx.

By the way, the static variable realtime_positioning in kml.c does not appear to be initialized.  I only see code that can set it to 1, and I confess I don't understand the conditions which trigger the execution of that line of code.

Global statics are initialized to zero before main is called.   It's set non-zero inside kml_wr_position_init which is our alternate write entry point if we're in realtime tracking mode which is determined in main.cc; the presence of -T invokes alternate entry points through vecs.

Yes, it's kind of funky.