I have a KML exactly how I need it to tour in Google Earth by using a GPSBabel command:

gpsbabel -w -t -i xcsv,style=trackkeypro.txt -f "RJ24PM.txt" -x interpolate,time=10 -o kml,lines,points,line_width=6,line_color=99ffac59,floating,extrude,track,trackdata,trackdirection,units=s,labels,max_position_points=0 -F johanna.kml

When this tours in Google Earth, it follows the Icon in its timespan and displays the placemarks along the track.  It's Perfect.  However, this next command is where my problem lies: 
  gpsbabel -w -t -i xcsv,style=trackkeypro.txt -f RJ24PM.txt -i xcsv,style=trackkeypro.txt -f BJ24PM.txt -i xcsv,style=trackkeypro.txt -f AJ24PM.txt -x interpolate,time=10,track,merge,title="COMBINED LOG" -o kml,lines,points,line_width=6,line_color=99ffac59,floating,extrude,track,trackdata,trackdirection,units=s,labels,max_position_points=0 -F ARBonBlonde.kml  

  I attempted the Merge Option, and what I'm aiming to achieve is at least 3 unique gps-files/csvs that were recorded all in the same timespan so that the '.txts'>KML in google earth recognizes all waypoints but follows just one Track in the tour.  I know it probably is under the a pack/merge/split/split then merge commands... but my main concern is I need it to just look at one 'track' when I play it in Google Earth.  When I do this bottom command, then open it in google earth, the tour ends up being like 500+ minutes and I need it be as long as the 'RJ24PM.txt', that is the track that I want to be computed in Google Earth.  
  Perhaps I shouldn't create 'tracks' for the other ones?  I still, however, need the waypoint from 'AJ24PM.txt' and 'BJ24PM.txt' to appear (along the 'RJ' track), just not necessarily the A&B tracks because it creates chaos during the tour in Google Earth.  . ... it creates a tour that doesnt folllow the track/timespan of just the 'R.txt'.  Is it a matter of a command adjustment (nuking tracks), or could it be folder-manipulation in Google Earth?

Thank you for any help and your time,
and thank you GPSBabel for solving almost all my issues (don't worry I've noticed the donation link).