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I'm writing VB code to interact with GPSBabel via command-line. Nothing too fancy. I need to retrieve the GPS unit ID, model name and software version.


I can do this using a USB connection with >gpsbabel i garmin f usb:-1

Sorry, it's not something we  do for the serial Garmins.

I sort of had to do it because if you have, say, seven USB Garmins attached to a system (don't look at me like that :-) there is no obvious way to figure out how to best name them, so I did the whole -1 thing so that users (and GUIs) could produce a pick list matching model names/serial numbers to "usb:NUMBER".


 Assuming I know which COM port the GPS is on, is there a command to retrieve the same information over a serial connection? Using com0: just gives me the waypoints, with no GPS info.

Sorry.   That feature just doesn't exist in GPSBabel


(By the way, this is the best command-line GPS program EVER! Nice work.)

Thanx.  It's always good to hear that.





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