> There is no  support for this GPS or any of the Silva products.  I don't

The Silva understands NMEA and NPP, are there any
modules/plugins that use these that I can butcher to
meet Silva's sub-commands?

"Understands" NMEA?   That's very rare for a GPS.[1]   NMEA is traditionally used
to stream data FROM a GPS to a computer for realtime positioning.  We have a module
(cleverly called "NMEA") that handles that.

There are some GPSes that accept NMEA-ish commands, Magellan being the most
prominent.   But they're not really NMEA in much sense beyond the commands starting
with a dollar sign and ending in an asterisk and a hex checksum.

I have no idea what NPP is.

I guess I *could* start on this (after all, I'm not interested
in paying a lot of bucks for stuff that my Linux box won't run

Welcome to Open Source.  "If it itches, don't wait for someone else to scratch it."

On the -code list, we have smart guys that can walk you through the mechanics of
developing a module (hint: look at the gbserial abstraction, examples, and the skeleton
files in our source tree) and getting it integrated.

We hear very little about Silva, so if you're waiting for someone else to do it - esp. if
you can make it happen - you're indeed probably better off to tackle it yourself.


[1] There are GPSes that understand specific NMEA sentences for things
     like water temperature and depth from external depth finders.   It's pretty
     specialized stuff, though...