Congratulations :)

I've did that 1.5 year ago already. Version 1.2.8 was built using VS2005. Almost functional: no usb (since I didn't find anything on how to work with usb host in damned wince), console-only - I didn't finish gui frontend, and one bad-bad-bug somewhere in expat: all unicode chars where replaced by spaces (this applies only to xml formats), with full unicode support.

2007/5/18, Horst Schmid <gpsbabel@schmidhorst.de>:
Hello to all,
after a few days of hard work I have a prototype of GPSBabel now working on my Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 (ARM-Processor). I can convert files between different formats and download via serial port data from my Garmin etrex! I have used the "eMbeded Visual C++ 4.0"  (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1DACDB3D-50D1-41B2-A107-FA75AE960856&displaylang=en ) SP4 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=4a4ed1f4-91d3-4dbe-986e-a812984318e5&displaylang=en ) to compile and debug my files.
The following problems I have sucessfully solved:
- For debugging I have assembled a Y-cable with serial port (to the Garmin) + USB port (to the PC) for my Pocket PC.
- Not available functions like gmtime, tzset, localtime, mktime, ... I imported from http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/celib.html
- Some functions are only availabe for Unicode in the Embedded Windows, not for ASCII. So I had to do convert the paramters. E.g. FindFirstFile, FormatMessage, CreateFile, DeleteFile, MoveFile.
- By default there is no console window on the pocket PC. For the case that the user has not installed console.dll and all the printf(stderr, ..) are not visible, I added some MessageBox's.
Up to now I have  n o t   worked together with others in such a project and I have  n o  experience with CVS!
My next steps will now be to get familiar with CVS and to install SSH client, CVS client, ... ?? on my Windows PC. Who can give me some tipps?
Should I merge my files as soon as possible with the latest versions and upload them or should I wait, till some more checks are done and they are more stable?
Who will help to test my version on some other Pocket PC's?
I have tried to enclose all necessary code changes with an #if defined(_WIN_EMB_) ... #endif, so that the code should be still be ok for other platforms. Who will check this, when I upload code? The main.c needs some restructuring. In all the other files there have been only very less changes been necessary. All the new files are in a new subdirectory eVC4.

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