Hi Keving,
thank you for your reply. I'm afraid I've saved all tracks, and lost all time information!
I'll try to get some active tracks and see what happens! Anyway I think that simplifying the data this way is very stupid: lot's of information are lost, and there is no way to change this setting, is it?

On 7 Oct 2012, at 13:05 , Kevin H. Hobbs wrote:

Hi Julian,

On 10/07/2012 06:37 AM, Julian Bogdani wrote:
Garmin etrex GPS and save as GPX,
time information is missing from my tracks.

Are the tracks saved tracks or the active track log?

When you save a track on etrex devices the track is simplified
and time information is removed.

Try downloading the active track log and you will find that it
contains time information as well as more points.

I think there is also a workaround for devices that have a memory
card, but I do not have such a device so I do not remember what
it is.