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#55 Show next pass shows the current pass

Alexandru Csete

When a satellite is within range of the ground station the "show next pass" menu item will bring up the details of the current pass instead of the next pass. If it is useful to have the current pass shown, I suggest we add an extra menu item "show current pass" that only appears if the satellite is within range. Otherwise it will be confusing to the see the "next pass" with AOS in the past.


  • I sent a patch like a year ago to change the old behaviour to exactly that one. This was just some lines in the calculation code, I think the old code is still there in comments.

  • Charles Suprin
    Charles Suprin

    Please take a look at SVN revision 940.
    It adds what I believe is the correct fix for the sat-map module popup.

    Before I spread it to the other popups, I would like to confirm the functionality is correct. Initial testing with the amateur module appears to work fine by my understanding.

  • This implementation seems to work well :)

  • Charles Suprin
    Charles Suprin

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Charles Suprin
    Charles Suprin

    SVN 943 brings the change to all the other modules as well.

    I will mark as fixed and leave open until 1.4 is released.

  • Thanks for the fix.
    I changed the resolution back since we will also have to update the user manual to reflect this change.

    • labels: 1141375 --> User interface
    • status: open-fixed --> open-accepted
    • Milestone: SVN --> undecided
    • Status: open-accepted --> open