#1 No settings on first start of Firefox


Hi, I have got the folloowing question. When I configure the firefox over the GPO and the user starts his firefox for the first time. No settings from the GPO were applied to the browser (e.g. Proxy, Default Homepage, ...). But if you click reload the page will be loaded normally or if you look into the menu the settings were set corectly. I think there is no solution by this addon.

As a solution I put a prefs.js in the default profile folder of Firefox. In this File the Proxy and the Homepage were set. If the user starts the firefox the first time (without profile) alle settings in this file are applied. This is okay I thought.

But today I have to change the homepage setting - that two pages were opend on the firefox startup and I set this value in the GPO. But this value would not be written into the prefs.js. I can see the two pages in the firefox menu and if I click on the "Home" button the two pages will be open. But if I close the firefox and reopen it always the single homepage opens.

Have you got any ideas or tips for this problem?



  • killerxcana

    The homepage issue is something I haven't come out with a solution myself.
    If you look at about:config page you will see setting is correct. Nevertheless when you load Firefox this setting is not taken properly into account. There must be another setting I am missing to make this one working properly.