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The CVS has finally moved to SourceForge from my private site.
I hope that there is more interest in developing on this project now ;-)

Posted by Wolfgang Rosenauer 2002-10-18

GPLW3Mail 0.3.1 released

this fixes a bug which created bad links to mail-adresses
in messages and improves security and attachment-handling
by deleting attachments after logout!

Posted by Wolfgang Rosenauer 2002-06-08

GPLW3Mail 0.3.0

this release adds some features und bugfixes
- mark unread messages bold in inbox
- cc-addresses are used for replies
- fixed quoting for replies and from addresses with " (Pegasus, ...)
please have a look at the ChangeLog in file-release section

Posted by Wolfgang Rosenauer 2002-06-04

GPLW3Mail 0.2.0

further cleanup and work to handle mime-encoded
text in mail-headers correctly.
Please see the notes on the file-release.

Posted by Wolfgang Rosenauer 2002-05-17

GPLW3Mail 0.1.0

We've just released version 0.1.0.
The number does not mean the stability of the
software but it still needs some features and
optical changes in HTML interface as well as
some more cleanup in code.
The needed CPAN modules are available on our
project page as perl-modules.tar.gz, too.

Posted by Wolfgang Rosenauer 2002-05-10

revival of GPLW3Mail

It was planned to rewrite GPLW3Mail from almost from scratch but this exposed to be a problem for too few developers :-(
Now GPLW3Mail has two different trees:
- one with a stable version heavily based on
W3Mail which was maintained over the last
years but wasn't further developed

- one with the devel tree based on aqua's work
(this tree isn't usable yet!)

I just released 'my' stable version of GPLW3Mail
which could be used in production environments.
This version is not in the SF CVS yet.
If somebody decides to help us developing
GPLW3Mail (stable or devel) we would appreciate

Posted by Wolfgang Rosenauer 2002-05-04