release 0.3.0

After almost one year a new release of the Gpiv c.s. project has been issued. The main changes in the software are:

- Advanced interrogation technique by applying image deformation. This reduces drasticly peaklocking effects resulting into higher spatial resolution and accuracy.

- Cumulative residus (representing the sum of differences between PIV estimators of the current and the previous iteration) used as convergence criterium for iterative interrogation procedures.

- PIV data validation after each iteration step.

- Normalized (local median) residus can be used as a universal outlier detection in a PIV estimation for (heterogeneous) turbulent flows

This revision with the modifications mentioned below has been distributed on a Linux live CD (based on Morphix, Knoppix and GNU/Debian) during the 6th Int. Symp. on Particle Image Velocimetry, Sept 2005, Caltech, Pasadena, USA and has been applied during the PIV Challenge 05 project.

- The adaptive grid system uses bilinear interpolation with shifted knots to increase accuracy of intermediate results [2]. This results into improved estimators at the new, refined, sub-grid and, therefore, into stability of the iteration procedure.

- The interface has been ported to the Gnome2 libraries. The porting has not been finished, yet. This may involve that some functionality has temporarly been lost.

- Several optimizations and internal improvements.

Posted by Gerber van der Graaf 2006-02-11