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#442 Support for Sony A7 / A7r

Sony A7 (1)

Support for Sony A7 / A7r would be great! These cameras are the future of the prosumer segment and can be used differently to a DSLR due to size/weight.


  • So you are sending a camera to the developers, aren't you?

    (I'm sure images download should already work)

  • Can they be controlled over USB or just over WLAN?

  • I love: http://blog.sony.com/2013/10/a7-faq/comment-page-1/

    “Can you please consider open source software so that users can write various software that will push NEX capabilities even further. Tethering, better wi-fi support and many other issues can be easily solved by open sourcing at least some of the needed code. If you don’t want to do it – then fix it yourself please.”

    We take this feedback very seriously and are working hard to continue to allow developers to iterate on our camera capabilities and other Sony gear. Sony has a Developer Community portal which offers developer kits, APIs and engineering support for many different lines of electronics. Last month, this program expanded with the announcement a new Camera Remotes Apps Developer program to include SDK availability for PlayMemories Camera Apps and we are already seeing discussion in our developer forum.

    oh.,.. and the forum moved to StackOverflow. ;)

  • Can you test if it has a Control mode and if libgphoto2 2.5.2 (or better 2.5.4) works? It just might.

  • Jan Erik
    Jan Erik


    Just tested the Sony Alpha 7 this weekend.
    It connects through MTB mode, but are not able to take an pictures. Only to view some settings.

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ gphoto2 --list-all-config
    Label: Serial Number
    Type: TEXT
    Current: 00000000000000003282633503979006
    Label: Camera Manufacturer
    Type: TEXT
    Current: Sony Corporation
    Label: Camera Model
    Type: TEXT
    Current: ILCE-7
    Label: Device Version
    Type: TEXT
    Current: 1.0
    Label: Vendor Extension
    Type: TEXT
    Current: None
    Label: Battery Level
    Type: MENU
    Current: 100
    Choice: 0 0
    Choice: 1 1
    Choice: 2 2
    Choice: 3 3
    Choice: 4 4
    Choice: 5 5
    Choice: 6 6
    Choice: 7 7
    Choice: 8 8
    Choice: 9 9
    Choice: 10 10
    Choice: 11 11
    Choice: 12 12
    Choice: 13 13
    Choice: 14 14
    Choice: 15 15
    Choice: 16 16
    Choice: 17 17
    Choice: 18 18
    Choice: 19 19
    Choice: 20 20
    Choice: 21 21
    Choice: 22 22
    Choice: 23 23
    Choice: 24 24
    Choice: 25 25
    Choice: 26 26
    Choice: 27 27
    Choice: 28 28
    Choice: 29 29
    Choice: 30 30
    Choice: 31 31
    Choice: 32 32
    Choice: 33 33
    Choice: 34 34
    Choice: 35 35
    Choice: 36 36
    Choice: 37 37
    Choice: 38 38
    Choice: 39 39
    Choice: 40 40
    Choice: 41 41
    Choice: 42 42
    Choice: 43 43
    Choice: 44 44
    Choice: 45 45
    Choice: 46 46
    Choice: 47 47
    Choice: 48 48
    Choice: 49 49
    Choice: 50 50
    Choice: 51 51
    Choice: 52 52
    Choice: 53 53
    Choice: 54 54
    Choice: 55 55
    Choice: 56 56
    Choice: 57 57
    Choice: 58 58
    Choice: 59 59
    Choice: 60 60
    Choice: 61 100
    Label: Friendly Device Name
    Type: TEXT
    Current: ILCE-7
    Label: Session Initiator Info
    Type: TEXT
    Current: (null)
    Label: Perceived Device Type
    Type: TEXT
    Current: 1
    Label: PTP Property 0xd303
    Type: TEXT
    Current: 1

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ gphoto2 --abilities
    Abilities for camera : USB PTP Class Camera
    Serial port support : no
    USB support : yes
    Capture choices :
    : Image
    Configuration support : yes
    Delete selected files on camera : yes
    Delete all files on camera : no
    File preview (thumbnail) support : yes
    File upload support : yes

    gphoto2 --capture-image

    Sorry, your camera does not support generic capture
    ERROR: Could not capture image.
    ERROR: Could not capture.
    Error (-6: 'Unsupported operation')

    For debugging messages, please use the --debug option.
    Debugging messages may help finding a solution to your problem.
    If you intend to send any error or debug messages to the gphoto
    developer mailing list gphoto-devel@lists.sourceforge.net, please run
    gphoto2 as follows:

    env LANG=C gphoto2 --debug --debug-logfile=my-logfile.txt --capture-image

    Please make sure there is sufficient quoting around the arguments.

    Works fine on my old Canon 350D, so this is compability and that the Sony is not supported.

    It would have been great to get support for it.

  • can you see if you can "PC Control Mode" in the USB settings and see if that works better?

  • Jan Erik
    Jan Erik

    Sorry, I was mistaken that the camera just said connectiong in PC-Control-Mode.
    I thought it would not work. But it DID :-)

    It worked just fine. When running ghpoto2 it got connected and got control of the Sony Alpha 7.

    It takes pictures and downloads. nice.

    I will test it more to see if other commands and my scripts work. :-)

    A big thanks to you for just getting me to try it again.

    GREATE TOOL this gphoto.

    Jan Erik

  • good to hear that it works! :)

    can you tell us the USB ids of MTP mode and Control Mode, so we can add it to the database?

    and the outout of

    gphoto2 --summary --list-all-config

    in both modes would be nice

    • status: open --> pending
    • Group: -->
  • (pending reply of ids et.al.)

  • xileffelix

    Hi Marcus,

    unfortunately no one replied to your request. I can confirm that shooting and downloading images works just fine but many other values like iso, shutterspeed that can be set with sony camera control do not work in gphoto 2.5.5.

    Please find attached the debug and summary log in control mode. Anything else you need to know (USBlyzer log for example) to get this camera supported?

  • xileffelix

    gphoto2 --summary --list-all-config

  • thanks for testing and the usb id!

    I have so far implemented setting only for "f-number", as the property setting is special.

    We know what the camera expects, so traces are currently not necessary.

    • status: pending --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: Marcus Meissner
  • should work better in 2.5.6 now