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#441 Bulb mode in newer Nikons

Olaf Marzocchi

Bulb was not possible via tethering on older Nikons, but it is now possible for D800, D4, D600, D7100 and more.
You can find source code here, but you need to port it:
It would allow gphoto to be used for astrophotography, that benefits from exposures between 60s and 360s. Stacking 30s pictures produces lower S/N ratios, important in astrophotography.


  • A test implementation is in SVN now, but the D7100 I have access too here is hanging / crashing its firmware after TerminateCapture. (The shutter is working and apparently open for the wait time, so most is correct.)

    Must have missed a detail.

  • Olaf Marzocchi
    Olaf Marzocchi

    My knowledge stops at basic C and at Perl, I cannot help unfortunately. I will also be busy for a month before I will take the D7100 out for astrophotos.
    However, the developer from the other project seemed very receptive to the requests from his forum. Maybe if you discuss the matter with him, he will be happy to help users from other platforms to obtain similar features. He has already stated he is not interested in doing any port, there is therefore no conflict of interests in giving you some directions :)