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#427 Any chance for IEEE1394 PTP for old DCS 6** Kodaks?

William Ray

Would love to dedicate one of these for continuous time-lapse capture, as it's quite a good sensor and takes good glass (and it'd kill me to put a current Nikon or Canon on that brutal duty).

I'd be willing to help hack the code, but I've never looked at this code base and I don't know where to start.


  • First, you'd need a ieee1394 "port" driver (like we have for USB)

    Then if it is PTP it shouldn't be too hard. If it is something else, then good luck, reverse engineering will be needed.

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  • probably not as bad ...

    do you have some traces how it communicates?

    does the camera otherwise appear as SCSI/Mass Storage device on the ieeee1394 bus?
    If yes, it might be tunneling PTP over SCSI

  • William Ray
    William Ray

    I believe in fact it does show up as a mass-storage device over IEEE1394, but I think the original Kodak software also allowed tethered shooting. I need to figure out where I put the stack of power supplies for these bodies, but once I find one I'll do a bit more research and report back.


  • any chance of traces yet? :)

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  • William Ray
    William Ray

    My apologies for the delay - it took longer to find one of the power supplies than I'd expected, but I think I finally have all the parts together on a shelf in the lab for testing this weekend.