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#413 gphoto2 on android


Not sure if this a right place to post this - but this would be great application if it would be also available for android tablets.


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I took results of this project:
    and made some partially working android app (it's shooting at least with my Nikon D40, supporting exposure, aperture and shutter speed bracketing, image downloading and initial cammera configuration).
    I don't want to make this project public (some licence issues could emerge) and I don't have so much time to manage it as supported opensource project, but you may send me an email to: michal.merta.spk@gmail.com to get the sources and built app.
    The phone or tablet must be at least Android 2.2 and rooted

  • Hi, I would like to have gPhoto2 ported to Android. It seems like there is no more development on https://gitorious.org/agphoto2 anymore (and I cannot build that project). So is it possible to create an official gPhoto2 for Android?

    I am able to connect my camera to my tablet with USB On The Go but I don't have software to download the pictures.

  • Hi! I would also like to have gPhoto2 working on Android.
    I sent an email a couple of days ago to the official devel list for gphoto2 but no replies yet. Is anyone aware of a port to android? It would be very useful, indeed.