#391 Support for Nikon D7000

John Kasunich

I just used gphoto2 on ubuntu 9.10 to download images from my D7000. It worked fine,
even though the D7000 isn't listed as supported. Is this simply a matter of not having the
appropriate ID codes for the 7000, or are there other issues (for example, features beyond
simply downloading photos) that need to be added on a model-by-model basis?

I'm very much a gphoto newbie, but if there is anything I could do to help support
the D7000 I'd be happy to try. I have done some development in C on linux
(https://sourceforge.net/projects/emc/), but I don't know your codebase, etc.

I certainly can provide lsusb listings and such, as well as test things.


  • it is basically the USB Id we need for completeness, all functionality should work as-is.


    but you can also supply some information for other users...

    gphoto2 --summary >logfile
    gphoto2 --list-config | while read x
    echo $x
    gphoto2 --get-config $x
    done >> logfile

    and attach logfile here (blank out the camera serial number).

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  • Mladen Sablic
    Mladen Sablic

    I also just started playing with gphoto2. It recognized D7000. lsusb did not initially recognize USB ID for this particular model, but when I added it to usb.ids, it does.

    Bus 001 Device 005: ID 04b0:0428 Nikon Corp. D7000 (ptp)

    I submitted a patch for Linux-USB project.

    I did the command below and I have the log file, except I cannot attach it and it is a bit too long for a comment.

  • i added the id to libgphoto2 now.

    you can mail the logfiles to me, marcus@jet.franken.de

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