#382 eoszoom config for Canon EOS

Aleksey Chernov

I can't get config value for 'eoszoom' on my Canon EOS 450D, it's always get me '0'. I see in sources (libgphoto2/camlibs/ptp2/config.c) - yes, it's always zero. Do you plan to implement getting value for this config? I also write program in Windows using ED-SDK, there to get zoom value (and zoom position) you must get property from LiveView image not camera:

err = EdsDownloadEvfImage(camera, evfImage);
// Get the zoom ratio
EdsUInt32 zoom;
EdsGetPropertyData(evfImage, kEdsPropID_Evf_Zoom, 0 , sizeof(zoom), &zoom);

In yours API i can't get any properties from LiveView image (gp_file_xxx()).


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  • As this option results in a PTP command currently, it cannot be queried. it can only be set (and so execute the command).

    And it currently cannot be retrieved from the preview, but I can check if this is doable somehow.

  • I believe that this option available in preview. Please check if this possible. Thanks.