#915 Import from Camera does not find some images from Panasonic

gphoto2 (75)
Richard Wonka

Moving this bug here from http://darktable.org/redmine/

Using darktable 1.0+808~g2529247 from master, which uses GPhoto2 for import:

The directory structure of my camera as in the attached screenshot:


where only 105_PANA contains images, as the ones in 104_PANA have been deleted, but the card has not been formatted since.
(This scenario should™ be fairly easy to recreate on any file system.)

When I now want to import images from my card reader (or camera via USB), the card/camera is recognised, but the import dialogue shows no images that can be imported.

Screenshots: (sorry, don't have the files here any more)



  • this really seems to be a darktable bug.

    What is the indication that it is gphoto related?

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  • Richard Wonka
    Richard Wonka

    • status: pending --> open
  • In short they are "hands off, not our problem".

    Linking to a bug fixed in 2003 is probably the best way to point fingers.

  • if this is the same when using a card reader (which probably is not using libgphoto2 in darktable), it is a bit hard to be
    a libgphoto2 bug.
    i read the darktable source regarding the recursive directory traversal and it looks ok as-is.
    So perhaps this is more a visualization issue in the darktable browser.

    are the files shown when you do:
    gphoto2 -L

    also workaround is to delete this folder of course.

  • Richard Wonka
    Richard Wonka

    Thank you for helping me in this.

    I was not able to reproduce the bug, so am closing this issue.

  • Richard Wonka
    Richard Wonka

    • status: open --> closed-invalid