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New Release

New release: gpc-qt4-002-3.tar.bz2. April 4 2013.
Contains bug-fixes. Do_sysup example contains better CPU temperature colors.

Posted by gpc-qt 2013-04-04

Bug in funds in 64-bit arch.

Bug in funds in 64-bit arch.
(1) change b24l.cpp line 1+3 from long to int
(2) change col_size.cpp line 16 to int. Delete (int) from line 45.
This problem does not show up in 32-bit architectures.

Posted by gpc-qt 2011-03-16

Missing file is missing from the distribution file. It can be downloaded from the 'Files' section. Without it no eror messages can be displayed.

Posted by gpc-qt 2011-03-15

Bug in bar + do_sysup causes segfault in 64-b

Bug in bar + do_sysup causes segfault in 64-bit arch.
1 Comment out #define TESTMEM in include/user.h + recompile
2 Replicate line 532 of memoryw.cpp outside of the #ifdef to avoid compiler error
This problem does not show up in 32-bit architectures.

Posted by gpc-qt 2011-03-15


Uploaded new release:
1. Fixed segfault prob. in application.cpp
2. Fixed link problem with g++-4.5

Posted by gpc-qt 2011-03-13

gpc-qt 2nd release: gpc-qt-001

Second release was uploaded:
- No longer need to edit .pro files: default to installation direcory.
- 3 new samples added: do_sysup, modtempdisp and funds.
- All use db to plot data, included in this release: CPUtemp + mut_funds.dbf

Posted by gpc-qt 2007-03-09

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Posted by gpc-qt 2007-03-05

gpc-qt first release uploaded

gpc-qt's first release is uploaded.
Please read the Release Notes on how to install.
Make sure you have Qt3's libraries, development libraries and development tools installed, as well as C++.
There are several changes that have to be made to the installed files.
Next release upcoming soon!

Posted by gpc-qt 2007-03-03

gpc-qt project approved

The project was approved by SourceForge on Feb. 28 2007. Upload of beta code will begin when I find out HOWTO.

Posted by gpc-qt 2007-03-02