Hello and Welcome

  • Hello, this is my first ever open-source project release.  I hope you enjoy it.  Post here if you have anything to say.

  • So I just uploaded an installer for linux.  It will install, but currently there's no mechanism for uninstalling, but I will develop that in the near future.  I've only tested this on Ubuntu Linux 9.04, so if you are on any other platform I can't guarantee your results.

    Also, I've only included the Qt shared libraries in the distribution, so you're responsible for any dependencies that arise because of those libraries (I only ran into one when I tested on a fresh install, and it was the libaudio library)

  • Actually I rescind that last statement, I now have an uninstall script.  Go ahead and run it (hopefully you don't have to)

  • And I want people to know that this project is still under development.  So while it works and does great things, there are a small handful of things that I still need to change about it.  Please don't let that deter you, because this is still a great little program.  Use it and look forward to new releases soon!

  • WARNING:  Version 1.3 was released with a major bug that I just discovered.  The bug could cause your password file to become unusable.  I have created a hot-fix for this bug so that it backs up your file on the last time that it was readable, so you can recover your passwords from this backup file.  I am actively working on a permanent solution, and will release it in version 1.4