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Svn Log

Commit Date  
[r124] by gedakc

Added MTools temporary file handling functions

2008-02-19 17:00:07 Tree
[r123] by gedakc

Added display of partition label

2008-02-16 21:31:21 Tree
[r122] by gedakc

Added my name to author list

2008-02-14 22:46:10 Tree
[r121] by gedakc

Updates from gnome.org repository.

2008-02-14 21:38:15 Tree
[r120] by gedakc

Fixed bug in get_label()

2008-02-14 21:23:12 Tree
[r119] by gedakc

Added Utils::regexp_label() to extract partition label text

2008-02-14 20:38:37 Tree
[r118] by gedakc

Added read label support for fat16 and fat32 using mtools mlabel command

2008-02-12 22:16:49 Tree
[r117] by gedakc

Extend length of C strings to reduce chance of buffer overrun

2008-02-07 21:17:56 Tree
[r116] by gedakc

Fix max path length for realpath()

2008-02-07 15:31:51 Tree
[r115] by gedakc

Enhanced Makefile distclean target

2008-02-05 16:13:07 Tree
[r114] by gedakc

Remove beta release

2008-02-04 15:29:50 Tree
[r113] by gedakc

Remove beta release

2008-02-04 15:29:21 Tree
[r112] by gedakc

gparted-0.3.5 stable release

2008-02-04 15:27:42 Tree
[r111] by gedakc

Release with HIG code changes rolled back to 0.3.3

2008-02-01 21:56:32 Tree
[r110] by gedakc

Rolled back HIG code changes to 0.3.3

2008-02-01 21:53:53 Tree
[r109] by gedakc

Renamed 0.3.5 to 0.3.5-beta1 as this is not yet production ready.

2008-02-01 18:21:17 Tree
[r108] by gedakc


2008-01-30 17:29:00 Tree
[r107] by gedakc


2008-01-30 17:27:54 Tree
[r106] by gedakc

Language Update copied from svn.gnome.org.

* pt_BR.po: Brazilian Portuguese translation updated by Djavan Fagundes.

2008-01-30 17:09:17 Tree
[r105] by gedakc

Updated desktop entry to align with GNOME HIG 2.0

2008-01-29 20:25:24 Tree
[r104] by gedakc

Applied debian patch 04_Win_GParted.cc.diff

2008-01-28 17:00:43 Tree
[r103] by gedakc

Applied debian patch 03_fdi_robustification.patch

2008-01-28 16:38:21 Tree
[r102] by gedakc

Applied debian patch 02_fix-build-failure-with-g++-4.3.patch

2008-01-28 16:19:25 Tree
[r101] by gedakc

Applied debian patch 01_fix-desktop.patch

2008-01-28 15:58:09 Tree
[r100] by gedakc

Fixed minor spelling mistakes.

2008-01-26 19:43:53 Tree
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