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GP2Hanoi / News: Recent posts

gp2hanoi 0.8.1 (stable) released

This release, although it does not provide any major changes in functionality with release 0.7.0, incorporates some internal changes that I expect will be appreciated by developers and everyone who wants to take a look into the sources.

Major changes are:

Inclusion in the tarball of a couple of scripts (build_gp2x.sh and build_native.sh) that configure the sources and compile automatically a binary distribution for the GP2X or native environments.... read more

Posted by Kombo Morongo 2006-04-21

gp2hanoi 0.7.0 (beta) released

Upload of source code to sourceforge completed including the following changes:

- Project name changed to gp2hanoi for compatibility with sourceforge project name.

- Sound buffer resizing to improve audio sync on GP2X.

- Minor changes on directory naming on GP2X installation.

Posted by Kombo Morongo 2006-04-19