#214 Problems with Xvid .avi size (too small or big)

Bob Wya

Hi admin folks,

I am using latest Gordian Knot version (.35 pack 2) and Xvid 1.2. I uninstalled the Xvid version bundled in Codec Pack 1.9 and installed the newer version as per instructions elsewhere...

The problem is that every other movie I compress ends up being like ~10-20 Mbytes too big or small (sometimes with even more varience).

Is Gordian Knot is writing the wrong Xvid registry values to the .first and .second pass files?? I tried just writing the values into the files in hex... I alter the first pass settings 'desired_size' to the same as the second pass settings. DO I need to set the 'target_size' entry to the required final video file size?? Really not clear what settings to change if this is the cause of the problems at all...

If Gordian Knot can't be made to work reliably with the new Xvid codec then it is next to useless... After all the older codec (bundled with the 'current' outdated Gordian Knot codec pack 1.9) has much poorer quality output at low bitrates.

Is this ever going to get fixed!! Its been like 2 years(+) since the new Xvid codec was released!!

Mr Bill Gates #666