A call to arms. Please volunteer!

  • adolfojp

    We all want to make Gentle.net better. Lets stop wanting and start acting.

    I haven't talked to the lead developers about this but I will have the audacity to make this request to the community.

    Whoever doesn't have the expertise to contribute to the Gentle 2 code but has some free time to give please do so. I include myself in this request.

    Gentle needs good manuals, tutorials on websites like CodeProject, a shinny user friendly website, translations and many other things. If you think that you can help please volunteer to this request on this thread.

    Adolfo J. Peña

    PS. It would also be great if this could be made stick to the top.

    • I will, but I think we need a Gentle.NET 2 coder to give us some directions so we can advance in the right way with the code. Maybe gjunger,jc or dsanders? A to-do plan would be great, and a little explanation about the Gentle.Net 2 code structure.

      Julio Rabadán González