#14 Dedicated variable speed fast and single step nav butttons

Tom Armstrong

Sometimes you want to quickly skip large sections of video and sometimes you want fine control to locate just the right place to make a cut. You probably need to do that several times for each file. Having to change the run speed each time is inconvenient and a slider control to change the speed isn't a very handy way to do that. Why not a pair of buttons dedicated to variable speed fast forward and reverse and another pair devoted to 1X forward and reverse?
This patch creates a pair of buttons dedicated to one GOP forward and backward and another pair of buttons dedicated to variable speed forward and backward with the variable speed controlled by a spin button.
The default run speed entries in the preferences dialog are gone. The variable run speed is whatever is in the run speed spin button and that speed is saved and restored between sessions.
It also assigns keyboard accelerators to the buttons so editing becomes a mostly one handed keyboard operation.