#31 Run Command crash on Windows

Jim Duchek

I'm using googsystray 1.1.4 on Windows Vista SP1.
I tried the "Run command" feature to open Google Chrome Portable and discovered the following 2 strange behavior:

If I use windows syntax for path (i.e. use the slash as the directory separator) googsystray crash at command execution.
I used the following command:
D:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\GoogleChromePortable.exe --user-data-dir="D:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\Data\profile" --app='%s'

The workaround was to use *nix syntax for path (i.e. use the backslash as the directory separator)
Therefore the following command works:
'D:/PortableApps/GoogleChromePortable/GoogleChromePortable.exe' --user-data-dir='D:/PortableApps/GoogleChromePortable/Data/profile' --app='%s'

I think that googsystray must understand windows syntax, or at least do not crash and advice the user for the right syntax.

During my tests I discovered that if the URL placeholder ('%s') is missing, the command isn't executed.
For example the following simple command isn't executed: cmd.exe /k echo hello
but if I add the URL placeholder it's executed: cmd.exe /k echo '%s'

I understand that a command without the URL have little use (i. e. all googsystray actions will behave in the same manner), but I do not agree about the silent skipping of the command I'm trying to test.
So I suggest to execute the command even if the '%s' placeholder isn't present in the command.

I hope my suggestions will be helpful.

Anyhow I like googsystray and I'm waiting for a good integration with growl or snarl


  • Jim Duchek
    Jim Duchek

    Thanks for the bug report, it's quite helpful. I don't use Windows so there's probably a bunch of stuff in there that I don't catch.

    You may want to check out the nightly builds -- there's Snarl support in there, and I'll probably have these fixed in the next one.

  • Jim Duchek
    Jim Duchek

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