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#64 Sync 2 Outlook Profiles to one GMail account


Dear developers, I love your app, but I wanted to use it to sync 2 outlook profiles.
Seems like it compares the last sync date on the contacts, and not the last update.
This way I miss the opportunity of have one google account as a contact directory for many users.
What happens actually is:
- First I sync outlook A with user@gmail.com (and update 3 of 100 contacts)
- Then on other computer/outlook B I want to get updates from user@gmail.com, but it tries to sync every contact.

Is there any way to allow this kind of synchronization?


  • Florian Saller
    Florian Saller

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  • Florian Saller
    Florian Saller

    It compares both, the last update and the last sync. If the last update is newer then last sync, then it is starting sync. Unfortunately, the last update is always renewed, if it is synced with one Outlook (e.g. A). Every contact, which was synced with Outlook A gets a renewed last update. This means, it will also sync to Outlook B. But this is only once, don't worry it will stop after 1-2 times (only Initial run of a new Outlook will cause many updates)