#363 Fail to sync

Zsolt Horváth

Error already has been reported, but hasn't been resolved:

GO Contact Sync Mod
Sorry, an unexpected error occured.
Please support us fixing this problem. Go to
https://sourceforge.net/projects/googlesyncmod/ and use the Tracker!
Hint: You can copy this message by pressing CTRL-C in the dialog box.
Please check first if error has already been reported.
Program Version:

Error Details:
System.Exception: Google Groups were supposed to be created prior to saving

at GoContactSyncMod.Syncronizer.OverwriteContactGroups(ContactItem master, Contact slave) in C:\Users\saller\projects\googlesyncmod\trunk\GoogleContactsSync\Syncronizer.cs:line 1839

at GoContactSyncMod.Syncronizer.Sync() in C:\Users\saller\projects\googlesyncmod\trunk\GoogleContactsSync\Syncronizer.cs:line 740

at GoContactSyncMod.SettingsForm.Sync_ThreadStarter() in C:\Users\saller\projects\googlesyncmod\trunk\GoogleContactsSync\SettingsForm.cs:line 458


  • [2/22/2014 10:53:00 PM | Error] Google Groups were supposed to be created prior to saving
    [2/22/2014 10:53:00 PM | Error] Sync failed.

    I just downloaded the latest version (my first time using this project) tonight (Feb 22, 2014). I am having this "Google Groups" problem as well, so it appears that this has not been fixed in the latest version (

    Are the devs planning to fix this defect?

  • The OP was a year and a half ago. Nothing from the dev community? No way to fix this? Not even a comment like "we're working on this" or "we've not yet determined the root cause of this error" or "so sorry you're not able to use our product; we'll provide a fix as soon as we are able" or anything like that?!

    In the "real world" of software development, this would not please the business community. If I had paid anything for this (Thank the Lord that I did NOT), those paying customers would be irate. I'm pretty aggravated myself and the software didn't cost me anything.

    Plainly put, it is just poor practice to ignore your user community.