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Gomoku / News: Recent posts

Source Refactored and Enhanced

Much thanks to Anton Safonov, architect and product manager of RefactorIT ( at aqris software ( He used his refactoring tool (see for more on refactoring) to cleanup the gomoku source. He also made other enhancements, such as replacing the large, ugly buttons on the game board with smaller, nice looking ones.

Posted by Douglas Richardson 2005-01-18

Executable jar file

I created an executable jar file for the Beta3 release.

Posted by Douglas Richardson 2004-02-06

Beta1 Released

I just finished porting Gomoku to java. I put the release in source code form only. I'll add a jar file later.

Posted by Douglas Richardson 2004-02-06

Release date in two weeks

I'm currently porting my MFC gomoku game to Java. It should be done in less than two weeks.

Posted by Douglas Richardson 2004-01-29