The Golem X11 Window Manager / News: Recent posts

alive and kicking

Still alive and kicking. I'm the only user, but planning a '07 release. Metacity has annoyed me for the last time!

Posted by Bruce Ashfield 2007-05-19

development continues

Just in case anyone is checking, development is continuing. I've got a new whiz-bang iconify plugin committed, I've got drag-a-window to the pager and it moves working, and drag and drop iconify into special screen regions has started. Also the multi-threading, xft2 backend work continues towards the goal of a distributed golem->golem environment.

Posted by Bruce Ashfield 2006-09-14

0.0.6 devel release

I just put up a very raw devel release. Many things aren't in this release ... but many are. As I integrate more changes, releases will follow quickly. But tracking CVS would be a good start. Don't expect everything that was working to continue working, but give it a try and let me know of bugs, I'll turn them around as quickly as possible.

Posted by Bruce Ashfield 2006-03-01

re-activating devel

Development has restarted. An initial release will come in the next month or so followed by some new features like embedded scripting, xft2, micro event server, etc.

Posted by Bruce Ashfield 2006-02-24

devel release soon

CVS is being updated, a interim release will follow shortly

Posted by Bruce Ashfield 2004-11-09

golem 0.0.5 released

New version of golem, 0.0.5. Includes mainly smallish feature enhancements (multibyte font support, soffset thing for decoration), along with a couple bug fixes.

Posted by Jordan DeLong 2002-05-21

golem-0.0.4 released

A new version of the golem windowmanager has been released; the ChangeLog is available at the sourceforge download page.

Posted by Jordan DeLong 2001-12-08

golem-0.0.3 pre-alpha released

A new pre-alpha release of golem is up. This is a very minor release; just minor bug fixes and I've added OpenBSD support.

Posted by Jordan DeLong 2001-09-20

golem-0.0.2 pre-alpha released

I finally got a chance to do some testing of golem on GNU/Linux and found some things relying on the BSD implementation of snprintf. These have been fixed and golem now works on GNU/Linux; some other minor changes/fixes from -0.0.1 are also included.

Posted by Jordan DeLong 2001-05-10

golem-0.0.1 pre-alpha released

A pre-alpha release of the golem X11 windowmanger is now available for download.

Posted by Jordan DeLong 2001-05-07

golem gets 'Pier' plugin; pre-release soon

Golem is a fledgling X window manager with a plugin architecture to allow for extensibility. Gnome compliance is done in a plugin, and now there is a 'pier' plugin which provides an interface similar to the windowmaker dock, or the afterstep wharf.

An alpha-quality release of the windowmanager is planned for sometime in the next week or two, so keep your eyes open.

Posted by Jordan DeLong 2001-04-06

Initial Commit

The golem source tree has been checked into the sourceforge-provided cvs.

Posted by Jordan DeLong 2001-03-28