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GoGui / News: Recent posts

GoGui version 1.1.10 released

Bugfix release. See changelog for details.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.10.zip
9474089fd3e2372a49f7a740215465a9 gogui-1.1.10.zip

Posted by 2009-07-16

GoGui version 1.1.9 released

This release fixes a few small bugs in the file preview of
the file dialog (only used on Linux) and the GNOME

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.9.zip
e038328c3c70920c795a35d161794eb8 gogui-1.1.9.zip

Posted by 2009-03-17

GoGui version 1.1.8 released

This is a bugfix release. See the changelog for details.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.8.zip
f0e5b1c661031b115af3eb090aaae5fb gogui-1.1.8.zip

Posted by 2009-03-08

GoGui version 1.1.7 released

This is a bugfix release. See the changelog for details.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.7.zip
f6bd0bbbd7865cb46b04b64d2e301521 gogui-1.1.7.zip

Posted by 2009-03-03

GoGui version 1.1.5 / 1.1.6 released

Version 1.1.5 is a bugfix release. See the
changelog for details. Version 1.1.6 is identical
to 1.1.5 apart from a small change in the ant
built script that made the compilation only work
on systems, on which subversion was installed.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.5.zip gogui-1.1.6.zip
6199dba08914e1dcb7c25039c15b361b gogui-1.1.5.zip
adf75c784449f5b8094c8c3b8be807c6 gogui-1.1.6.zip

Posted by 2009-02-26

GoGui version 1.1.4 released

This version fixes two minor bugs.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.4.zip
1082916c9ded7fbc84eb5923a4377b45 gogui-1.1.4.zip

Posted by 2009-01-02

GoGui version 1.1.3 released

This version fixes some bugs in the newly added feature to automatically send the time left to the program.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.3.zip
1f0501bd689d911fd866b85b6483526e gogui-1.1.3.zip

Posted by 2008-11-07

GoGui version 1.1.2 released

This release fixes some bugs and adds the new feature that the Go program is informed about the time left before each move, if time settings are used.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.2.zip
73019061bc8e7a0b3fb34667ab13b15a gogui-1.1.2.zip

Posted by 2008-10-15

GoGui version 1.1.1 released

This release fixes a few minor bugs.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.1.zip
5880868b4fb6aeebcf4273abb9588227 gogui-1.1.1.zip

Posted by 2008-09-22

GoGui version 1.1 released

New stable release.

$ md5sum gogui-1.1.zip
df826952f64a609e0df50a33e16b9f51 gogui-1.1.zip

Posted by 2008-07-09

GoGui version 1.1pre1 released

First pre-release of the coming release 1.1.

Major changes are the requirement of Java 1.5, removal of GmpToGtp, renaming of most command line tools to use the prefix gogui, and some new features in the GUI, like reattaching a program with its current parameters. See the change log for a detailed listing of the changes.

Posted by 2008-01-14

GoGui version 1.0.4 released

Bugfix release

Posted by 2008-01-10

GoGui version 1.0.3 released

Bugfix release

Posted by 2007-11-09

GoGui version 1.0.2 released

Fix for slow file choosers on Windows.

Posted by 2007-09-24

GoGui version 1.0.1 released

Minor change to handle excessivley long version strings as used by MoGo release 1.

Posted by 2007-09-11

GoGui version 1.0 released

This release is the first non-beta stable release. It has been tested on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. See the Change Log for details.

Posted by 2007-08-29

GoGui version 1.0pre3 released

This is the third (and hopefully last) pre-release of the coming version 1.0. It fixes some minor issues and adds a few small features, like mouse wheel support for GoGui.

Posted by 2007-06-29

GoGui version 1.0pre2 released

This is the second pre-release of the coming version 1.0.

It fixes a larger bug with clearing the board before displaying Live Graphics commands and some minor issues.

Posted by 2007-05-03

GoGui version 1.0pre1 released

Version 1.0pre1 is the first pre-release for the coming version 1.0.

Posted by 2007-04-06

GoGui version 0.9.4 released

Version 0.9.4 fixes a few minor bugs in 0.9.3, adds more openings for usage with TwoGtp and updates the Looks look and feel.

Posted by 2007-01-15

GoGui version 0.9.3 released

Version 0.9.3 fixes a few minor bugs in 0.9.2

Posted by 2006-12-21

GoGui version 0.9.2 released

Version 0.9.2 fixes a few minor bugs in 0.9.1.

Posted by 2006-10-28

GoGui version 0.9.1 released

Version 0.9.1 fixes a few minor bugs in 0.9.

Posted by 2006-08-16

GoGui version 0.9 released

This is the new stable version. Only minor fixes were done compared to version 0.9pre3.

Posted by 2006-05-15

GoGui version 0.9pre3 released

This is the third pre-release of the coming version 0.9. See the release notes for a change log.

Posted by 2006-04-07