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Vogon Tutorial out now!

We have a Vogon Tutorial! The tutorial describes how Vogon works and how to use it. You can take a look at it here.

Do you want to know what appellations are and how you create relations with them? Do you want to know how to import texts into Vogon? Do you want to know how to build concept lists using Conceptpower? The tutorial explains all this. In 11 sections all the features of Vogon are described in detail. A big thanks to author Ken Aiello for his hard work!... read more

Posted by Julia Damerow 2013-09-27

Vogon 1.0 makes annotating so much easier!

By Prajakta Sudhir Samant

Vogon now features a new graphical editor that makes ontology-based text annotation a more user-friendly experience! Users can now easily relate terms in a text file by creating a diagram in our editor. This conversion of a text-based editor to a graphical editor makes relating annotated terms in a text a whole lot easier. The latest version of Vogon supports features such as:... read more

Posted by Julia Damerow 2013-06-05

Vogon 0.2alpha now running on Mac OS 10.5

New version of Vogon was uploaded that runs on Mac OSX Leopard.

Posted by Julia Damerow 2010-02-27