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First release !

So grab the package and have fun ;)
If it does not run as expected, contact me.

Posted by Hans-Peter Jacobs 2001-03-21

First POV-output

The structure is ready now, the coding continues .. hopefully the first release will be ready before end of march.

Posted by Hans-Peter Jacobs 2001-03-19

Code checked in

The first code-segments are checked in now.
For now it just steps thrue SGF-gametree without evaluating the properties of the nodes (moves).
The board-writer is checked in too, but it just writes small POV-text-segments.....
A lot to do ... but things are looking good :D

Posted by Hans-Peter Jacobs 2001-03-15

Its up and running !

Hello and a warm welcome !
SourceForge made this available within 15 hours.. thats damn fast. Thanks to the guys.
I will checkin the files today in the evening.

Posted by Hans-Peter Jacobs 2001-03-13