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New Releases - more to come...

New releases of SED, GREP and GAWK are now available.

These releases are the same version of these utilities that are currently release for Linux, so VMS and GNV are starting to come to parity with other GNU releases as we improved the environment.

Additionally there is current work on BASH 4.3.11 currently in beta and GNU MAKE.

The updates and fixes to GNU MAKE are important to then facilitate newer ports and more complex ports to VMS.... read more

Posted by Bill Pedersen 2014-04-27

BASH 4.2.45(4) now available

Thanks to the hard work on John Malmberg and Eric Robertson along with many folks running tests against many different environments and kits the most recent version of BASH is now available for folks running OpenVMS and GNV!

The kits are available under the "files" link in the navigation bar above here on the GNU for VMS SourceForge Project (aka GNV). Just click on the "bash" folder when you follow the link.... read more

Posted by Bill Pedersen 2013-08-27

GNV Web Pages updated

The GNV Web Pages have been refreshed and corrected where possible.

They now reflect V3.0-1 which was released in November 2011.

They have also been "normalized" so the menus are consistent and the page look and feel is consistent over more of the site.

Posted by Bill Pedersen 2013-08-08

GNV V2.1-3 release on sourceforge

HP proudly announces the release of V2.1-3 on Sourceforge. This is the first release of GNV on SourcForge since V1.6-2. The intent of this release is to make available the latest and complete GNV sources to the community. Going forward we intend to invite contributions from the world wide OpenVMS community to enrich GNV with their knowledge and experience. We invite you all to take GNV to the next level.... read more

Posted by Niraj Nakrani 2010-06-30