--- a/sipwitch.spec.in
+++ b/sipwitch.spec.in
@@ -62,6 +62,16 @@
 Requires: sipwitch = %{version}
 Group: Networking/Telephony
 Summary: Scripting plugin for sipwitch
+%package plugin-rtpproxy
+Requires: sipwitch = %{version}
+Group: Networking/Telephony
+Summary: Generic rtp proxy plugin for sipwitch
+%package plugin-subscriber
+Requires: sipwitch = %{version}
+Group: Networking/Telephony
+Summary: Subscriber gateway plugin for sipwitch
 GNU SIP Witch is a pure SIP-based office telephone call server that supports
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 %description plugin-scripting
 This plugin enables shell scripting in connection with specific sipwitch events.
+%description plugin-rtpproxy
+Generic assignment of RTP proxy for packet forwarding when local and
+remote caller is not directly routable.  This can include briding when
+both source and destination are offsite or on different subnets.  This
+will enable calls between local users and remote users when either or
+both parties are behind NAT.  It is assumed a block of rtp ports (and 
+the sip port) will be "port forwarded" to sipwitch.  All proxying is 
+transparent and hence directly usable for secure calling with ZRTP.
+%description plugin-subscriber
+This module is meant to eventually offer generic support for premise 
+routers when used by providers to offer sip/voip service to a subscriber.
+It offers rtp proxying and routing based on the assumption that all calls
+will be handed off to an external voip provider and automatic rtp
+proxy bridging between a subscribers local subnet and an isp.  In theory
+this would be deployed in an isp supplied premise router to enable a 
+local user to subscribe a series of local softphone/sip devices with a 
+remote voip service provider.
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+%files plugin-rtpproxy
+%files plugin-subscriber
 %files -n %{_devname}