GNU Troll services introduced for Bayonne 2

Today I released Bayonne 2 0.9.1 with GNU Troll service bindings. This release was meant to introduce GNU Troll voip-pstn gateway services binding operating under GNU Bayonne 2. It was also meant to enable others to become familiar with how troll services operate, to offer proof of concept for the services binding plugin model, and to initiate further development of Troll services. Basic incoming call handling should work under troll at this point although much work remains to be completed in Troll. Troll services coexist with Bayonne 2 scripting, and either Troll or scripting server mode may be selected at runtime.

This is the very first step of an inititive to introduce basic IP-PBX services and new functionality to the core Bayonne 2 platform in a modular, user selectable, and incremental fashion. Different bindings will offer different services, and one can choose a binding appropriate for the application being developed, wither it is for integration with traditional analog or digital telephone networks, application services or gateways for use within an existing voip infrastructure, or in eventually offering a fully complete Bayonne 2 based voip infrastructure in the future.

Posted by David Sugar 2005-09-03