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0.0.4 Released

I took my sweet time, but 0.0.4 is out. The XML schemas have been changed to use the W3C XML Schema system. The forms section is now known as TaxML and will one day be submitted to the IETF as a standard method for describing tax systems in XML.
We're now going to begin work on the gnuTaxes engine. And we're now looking for people to start working on defining the various tax systems using our schemas.

Posted by Jim Phillips 2000-01-29

0.0.3 Released

The forms schema is done and the sample 1040EZ.xml conforms. Going to move on to user data file schema. After that's done, it's on to the engine. But work is already in progress on the engine so we're ahead of the game.

Posted by Jim Phillips 2000-01-11

0.0.2 Released!!

I've just released gnuTaxes 0.0.2 marking the "completion" of the interview XML schema. Also included in this release are some documents which better define the way the system work.
Next up, finalizing the XML schema for tax forms/worksheets.

- Jim

Posted by Jim Phillips 2000-01-06

Welcome Praveen Yajman

Praveen has just joined us as the first C programmer on the project. Welcome.

Posted by Jim Phillips 2000-01-05