#313 Add epslatex-compatible plot size to cairolatex terminal

Harald Harders

I just noticed the new cairolatex terminal which is very interesting to me because it generates pdf directly so that transparency is possible, for instance. Thus I would like to convert my graphs from epslatex terminal to cairolatex terminal. This, however, changes the plot size quite dramatically. I understand that this is no bug because the plot size of the cairolatex terminal is compatible to the existing cairo terminals. But still, having a plot size compatible to the epslatex terminal would be very helpful. Specifying 'size 5,3.5' in the 'set terminal' statement helps a little bit, but still the plots are scaled differently.

Thus please add a terminal option to the cairolatex terminal which then produces plots scaled compatibly to the postscript and epslatex terminals.


  • Harald Harders
    Harald Harders

    Comparison of epslatex terminal with cairolatex terminal (size 5,3.5)

  • Thanks for testing the new cairolatex terminal. I noticed that scaling is a bit odd right now. This may or may not have to do with the following statement in `help postscript`: "In eps mode the whole plot, including the fonts, is reduced to half of the default size".

    > This, however, changes the plot size quite dramatically.

    Default size for cairolatex is 5in,3in. That is not so different from 5x3.5, or do you get a differnt size? To obtain plots similar to epslatex defaults, I currently use the following settings:

    set term cairolatex eps standalone mono dashed size 5in,3.5in fontscale 0.8
    set points 0.5
    set bars 0.6
    set tics scale 0.6