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v4.1 clustered histogram errorbars?

  • Rabi Upadhyay
    Rabi Upadhyay

    I'm using 4.1 downloaded source and I love the new clustered histogram feature.  However, I cant figure out simply how to add errorbars... yerrorbars? boxerrorbars? is this possible?

    snippet of my script:
    set terminal postscript eps solid enhanced 14
    set output "graph.eps"
    set xtics nomirror
    set ytics nomirror
    set border 3
    set key spacing 1.5
    set title "Binding in vitro"
    set auto x
    set style data histogram
    set style histogram cluster gap 1
    set style fill pattern border -1
    set boxwidth 0.9
    set key left top
    set ylabel "Fluorescence Intensity (au)"
    plot 'flow.dat' using 2:xtic(1) title column fs pattern 0,\      'flow.dat' using 3 title column fs pattern 3,\      'flow.dat' using 4 title column fs pattern 5