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suggestion 3/3: automatic plots per label

  • Phil ASTRAY
    Phil ASTRAY

    Suppose you have a big datafile with lines formatted as:

    label ; x ; y

    And you wish to output one plot per label.

    Could gnuplot handle this automatically, i.e. upon reading a new "label" string value, start a new plot ?
    (e.g. set plotfamily field 1)

    Otherwise, one has to split the consolidated file into many datafiles (one per label value) and instruct gnuplot to draw them one by one ...

    It would be very handy if gnuplot could handle this, as such formats are quite common (financial data, ephemerids ... where labels are tickers, planet names, ...)

    So this is my last suggestion (out of 3), having used gnuplot for years. Indeed, i hoped to get comments about the first two ones but got none so far :-(

    So don't hesitate to post about these suggestions i have introduced, make this forum a living one.