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GnuPlot MacOS X installation from source


  • Anonymous


    I am trying to install GnuPlot from the source on MacOS X (10.5.8) with gcc 4.0.

    The ./configure stage proceeds without problems, but the make stage ends with the following error:

    g++  -g -O2   -o gnuplot alloc.o axis.o binary.o breaders.o bitmap.o color.o command.o contour.o datafile.o dynarray.o eval.o fit.o gadgets.o getcolor.o graph3d.o graphics.o help.o hidden3d.o history.o internal.o interpol.o matrix.o misc.o mouse.o parse.o plot.o plot2d.o plot3d.o pm3d.o readline.o save.o scanner.o set.o show.o specfun.o standard.o stdfn.o tables.o tabulate.o term.o time.o unset.o util.o util3d.o variable.o version.o   -lreadline  -lncurses  -lz   -laquaterm  -framework Foundation
    Undefined symbols:
      "_rl_forced_update_display", referenced from:
          _restore_prompt in command.o
      "_rl_ding", referenced from:
          _alert in mouse.o
      "_history_list", referenced from:
          _write_history_list in history.o
      "_rl_complete_with_tilde_expansion", referenced from:
          _rl_complete_with_tilde_expansion$non_lazy_ptr in plot.o
      "_rl_reset_after_signal", referenced from:
          _main in plot.o

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.