data input in gnuplot with different files

  • I have some data, which I have to plot with gnuplot 4.1. This works fine. Now I have data, where not all rows/columns in my input-file are filled with data like

    1    2    5    6
    2    X    6    9
    3    1    X    3
    4    X    X    10
    5    3    5    9

    at X there is no data available.

    Is is possible to create one data-file for the input (for example with using a wildcard like the X), or must I create for every column a data file (in this case 3 different files)???

    • You obviously don't have any problems creating that multi-column file --- you already did it just fine ;->

      gnuplot doesn't have particularly big problems using such files, either.  You'll want to read 'help using' and 'help missing' attentively, but in general, data like this will just work.