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#841 wgnuplot 4.3+ persistent processes

Windows (56)

[This was originally posted Nov. 24th, 2009 on the old nabble lists, but was never addressed.]


I have a program that spawns a wgnuplot process by: "wgnuplot datafile.gp -" in MS Windows.

For version 4.2, the spawned wgnuplot process gets killed when the plot window is closed. For version 4.3+ the plot window goes away, but the wgnuplot process sticks around. This causes problems after a while as there end up being many wgnuplot processes running in the background. Did something change between 4.2 and 4.3+ that would cause this behavior? The only other difference is that I'm running the 4.3+ wgnuplot with a datafile.gp that adds the enhanced, size, and title arguments to the set term wxt command.

I tried this with a different terminal type (windows) instead of wxt, and did not see the same behavior, so perhaps it is a bug with the wxt terminal in windows. I attempted other terminal types, but couldn't get any other ones to run with the 4.3 or 4.5 win32 binaries.



  • Ethan Merritt
    Ethan Merritt

    The command "gnuplot foo.inp -" tells gnuplot to first execute commands from the file foo.inp and then stay around listening for commands on stdin. Closing the plot window should not terminate the process. If version 4.2 did that, it was an error. The process will stay around until its input stream is terminated.

  • Ethan Merritt
    Ethan Merritt

    • status: open --> closed-invalid
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  • A fix is now in CVS. See bug 2935647.

  • See bug 3538762, of course.