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#1389 "raise" doesn´t work reliably on wxt / windows

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Karl Ratzsch

In the wxt terminal under winXP/win7, the plot is not raised (by (re)plotting or via "raise") if it´s window was minimized to the tray before. It does get raised in both cases if it was only hidden behind another window. Only wxt is affected, the windows terminal works fine.

This shows on gp465rc2 and gp50alpha, binaries from Same with old gp444 and 463. I can´t remember when this first showed up, but it´s definitely not that old. Probably some interaction between wxt and a recent windows update?


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  • Ethan Merritt
    Ethan Merritt

    IMHO "replot" should never change the raise/lower/iconic status of a window.
    I always configure with --disable-raise-console for the same reason.
    Windows should stay exactly where I put them.

    My 2¢ worth - yours may differ.

  • For the windows and wxt terminals at least the behaviour can be changed via the Options menu or dialog. Personally, I indeed prefer the window to pop up again on replot.

  • Karl Ratzsch
    Karl Ratzsch

    My favourite behaviour would be to raise the terminal upon plot, but keep the focus on the console. It´d be great to have this configurable, too.

    I somehow cannot get myself to remember hitting space, and always trigger random functions of the wxt or windows terminal when typing away.

    Last edit: Karl Ratzsch 2014-05-23
  • Fixed in CVS for version 5. Please file a separate feature-request for the additional "set-focus" option.

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