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#1379 maxima can't refresh plots in gnuplot_pipes format

David J. López

Hi. I use 64 bits Archlinux with maxima 5.33.0, wxmaxima 13.04.2 and gnuplot 4.6.5 installed from Arch's repo. I've noticed a bug when plotting in maxima. For example

(%i1) plot2d(sin(x),[x,0,2*%pi]);
(%o1) "/home/david/maxout.gnuplot_pipes"

opens a gnuplot window with the sin function as usual, but

(%i2) plot2d(cos(x),[x,0,2*%pi]);
(%o2) "/home/david/maxout.gnuplot_pipes"

doesn't refresh the gnuplot window, it shows sin() instead of cos(). Moreover, if I close the gnuplot window and re-execute

(%i3) plot2d(cos(x),[x,0,2*%pi]);
(%o3) "/home/david/maxout.gnuplot_pipes"

it doesn't open a new gnuplot window. I have to close and restart wxmaxima to get plot2d working again. Same happens with plot3d for 3D graphics

Plotting with [plot_format, gnuplot] works fine, for example

(%i4) plot2d(cos(x),[x,0,2*%pi],[plot_format, gnuplot]);
(%04) "/home/david/maxout.gnuplot"

opens a new window with the graphic. The wxplot2d function from wxmaxima also work fine. It seems that the problem only happens in the default gnuplot_pipes format

I've asked to Arch developers but they think the problem belogs to maxima or gnuplot. I'm suffering this problem since I use maxima 5.32.1 and gnuplot 4.6.4. Now I'm using maxima 5.33.0 and gnuplot 4.6.5, but the bug persists.

I've just open a ticket in maxima: https://sourceforge.net/p/maxima/bugs/2721/

That's the link of the bug I open in Archlinux: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/38760