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#1175 Win XP/Win 7 Crash

3D plot (84)


I am using G N U P L O T
Version 4.6 patchlevel 0 last modified 2012-03-04
shiped with wxMaxima CAS. A Plotting-Procedure write a datafile for wgnuplot.exe displaying the grafic in terminal=wxt.
This procedue is working for years to all versions<4.6 and in v4.6 crash with
Fehlgeschlagene Anwendung wgnuplot.exe, Version, fehlgeschlagenes Modul wgnuplot.exe, Version, Fehleradresse 0x0011882b.
Tested in 6 different german installations of win xp/win7:
start wgnuplot >load maxaout.gnuplot

Some 3D-scenes will work and some 3D-scenes will crash.
Same data files will run with GNUPLOT Version 4.4 patchlevel 3
last modified March 2011
System: MS-Windows 32 bit

Installing wxMaxima/gnuplot to a machine not having a gnuplot installation befor plotting seams to be possible.
Crash conditions are not reproducible.

Can crash address give a hint to isolate the crash condition?
BTW: How to kill all gnuplot-files, reg-entrys in a win system?
eg. input-buffer of wgnuplot.exe is still there after deinst/newinst...

Gruß HW


  • Could you attach a sample gnuplot script here to reproduce the crashes? That would really help to fix the problem.

  • hawe

    gnuplot 4.6 installation crash plot file (parallel 4.4 installation do not crash))

  • Unfortunately, that example case is so incomplete as to be almost useless. The data used by the command file appears to be in a file with a different name, and the much be a good deal more of it than in the data file contained.

    That said, that script file is quite horrible indeed. The first line of that splot command is over 46 thousand characters(!) long, before the tool suddenly decided to start using line continuation after all.

  • No usable example case --- nothing that could be done.

    Closing this as invalid.

    • status: open --> closed-invalid