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GNUMCK - GNU Mail Client Kiss / News: Recent posts

Currently rewriting from scratch

I'm still working on the project, the next release will make full use of the GNU Build System.

Also I'm rewriting the code from scratch because the first version was more a try if I could get an Email Client to work at all.

The next release will come, and it will come with configure script, it already compiles on cygwin/win2k and debian linux with gtk and has resizeable subwindows.

The project's still alive!

Posted by Christoph Kobe 2003-02-21

POP3 Client working

You can now use the program to see and save you mail as text. I have to get used to the File release system to make the first version accessible.
It'll be out soon!

Posted by Christoph Kobe 2002-06-15

Project online

The Project is online now, but I still have to do lots of things before the first release is gonna be out

Posted by Christoph Kobe 2002-04-10