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Keyring 1.1 released

Keyring 1.1 for PalmOS (previously known as GNU Keyring) has just been released. There're some security related updates so I recommend upgrading to this release. These updates include strong password generation, encryption key is physically removed after timeout and the password form is left on power off.


Posted by Jochen Hoenicke 2002-03-11

Preview of desktop conduit for Keyring

I've just written a desktop decoder for the Keyring for PalmOS application.

You can download the preview at

It includes a binary built for Debian Woody x86. To rebuild it, you
will need gcc, Make, libpisock and OpenSSL libcrypto.

To run it, simply type

./keyring-link PDBFILE PASSWORD

and it will spit out all the records. (They are in a fairly ugly form
at the moment, but that will be fixed.)... read more

Posted by Martin Pool 2001-03-27

Keyring needs a new name!

The project currently known as GNU Keyring can't
become a GNU project until there's a free software
replacement for PalmOS. Therefore we need a new
name: if you have a suggestion, please post it into this discussion.

Posted by Martin Pool 2000-09-03

Problem in Keyring 0.11

There is a bug in GNU Keyring 0.11 that means databases cannot be restored from backup. I've withdrawn this version from download until the problem is resolved, and suggest that you use 0.9 instead. A fixed version will be released as soon as possible.

Posted by Martin Pool 2000-08-30

GNU Keyring - Sprechen Sie Deutsch langsam

Gnu Keyring 0.9.2 features a German translation, and the new feature of saving records to the Palm Memo Pad. More translations would be welcome!

Posted by Martin Pool 2000-05-17

Stable beta of GNU Keyring released

0.7.5 has just been released -- this is a good stable beta, and fixes several bugs compared to previous development versions. Read all about it in

Posted by Martin Pool 2000-02-25